Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Its all about the cupcakes...

Hi Everyone...
I was a little busy last few days with Diwali Celebrations ... so nothing new to show you all.
Have I told you I  LOVE  making, decorating and eating cupcakes... so I thought of sharing some images of cupcakes I made few months ago....  There will be more cupcakes in my next few posts...
Hope you all like it... :)

Blue Monster Cupcake
Rose Cupcake
Sunflower Cupcake
Hearts Cupcake
Flowers and Butterfly Cupcake
Flowers Cupcake
Flowers Cupcake


  1. Such beautiful creations
    Dropped in seeing you on ICR

  2. Thanx Sonia.... I also saw your blog....its very nice... and you are so creative... turning scraps into beautiful creations....I visit your blog frequently.... :)


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