Thursday, 15 December 2011

A Simple Blue and White Card

Hi Everyone...
I know I have been MIA for almost 1 month.... actually I went to my hometown. And after I got back I was busy unpacking and cleaning... so now that I am back I want to share a new card I made with Quilling... I used only 2 colours for this card .... Blue and White on white textured cardstock. I added a white ribbon, some crystals and beads for flower centers and butterfly's eye, and drew the butterfly's antlers with a blue glitter pen. I tried the beehive technique and I love the effect.... Thanx Susan for sharing this new and beautiful  technique with all of us....and Pritesh for the tutorial... :)

Thanx for visiting and do tell me what do you think about the card... 
Stay tuned for my next card tomorrow... :) 
Cheers... :)


  1. Thank you so much for tried beehive tecknique, hope you'll be enjoy it.

    I love this card, what a pretty card. You're so creative.

    Have fun and happy quilling


  2. Thank you Sathya, Suganthi and Susan..

  3. wow... lovely.. Thanks for joining me on my blog...

  4. Beautiful. Love this.


  5. It is such a beauty and love the different quilling styles you have used

  6. Thank you Jovita, Sudha and Dr. Sonia... :)

  7. I love the simplicity of colors..and the complexity of technique!! fabulous!

  8. Nupur,

    I really like this card, you do such lovely work.

  9. I might be late in posting my comment. But Nupur it's Wonderful. I wish like to fly down to Mumbai right away just to learn from you...
    Hey can you share how you made the leaf like looking string...
    please do share.. Also if it is ok, if I try something on this line and post on my blog.. All credit obviousoly to you... Please lemme know if it is ok?
    Thanks and please keep posting...


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