Monday, 26 March 2012

Some More Quilled Bookmarks

Finally everything has settled down.....everything is again calm.... the chaos is over (atleast for the time being).... and I can finally go back to living my life as I want.... and do what I want and love....

I have done some crafting in the past few weeks and have a lot to share.... I have so much pending things to take care of.... In the next few days I will share some projects I was working on.... 

First a good news.... I got a new Paper Shredder...... YAY  ^___^ 
I used to cut most of my paper strips for quilling with a paper trimmer.... which was soooooooooooooo time consuming..... and tiring... Few days back I went shopping for my craft supplies and found a mini paper shredder... :)
I was so happy and excited that when I got home I started shredding paper and making quilling strips of beautiful and yummy colours.... :) it was so much fun... I can make hundreds of strips in a matter of few minutes....and all the strips are even (3mm).. I don't have to waste time measuring, marking and then cutting each and every strip of paper... and I can now devote all that extra time I saved to crafting... ^__^ However the edges of the strips are a little rough but I don't have a problem with that... :) 

So, here are some of the Bookmarks I made with Shredded paper strips (first 5 photographs)... :)    After I made the bookmarks I applied a coat of clear gloss varnish to hold their shape... give them some strength and to make them waterproof. 

Supplies Used :
Jumbo Paper Clips
Hot Glue Gun


  1. may i know where did you bought it?

  2. They are amazing! I have started quilling just sometime back. So your work excites me more. :)

  3. hey can i get some ideas for bookmarks i really need them plz


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