Wednesday, 18 April 2012

My Crafting Corner & a Good News... :)

Hi Everyone.... 

Today I have to share a big news with you all.... I think most of you must be knowing that I have my online store on . 

On Saturday I got a call from Mrs. Monica Gupta (Co-founder of Craftsvilla) that Craftsvilla will be featured on 'Young Turks on CNBC tv18' and they want to feature one of the sellers along with them... She said that they like my products & so they wanted ME to be that 1 seller.... ^__^   I was so excited and nervous at the same time.... Being on the National Television was a big opportunity for me but being in front of a video camera was scary..... ( If you see the telecast then you can easily make out that I was nervous... hehehe...) My sister, parents  & hubby encouraged me & told me to give it a try.... So Mrs. Monica Gupta (I had no idea till then that she is the same Monica Gupta.....Co-founder of Craftsvilla.... after I met her I thought I had seen her somewhere but I was too nervous at that time to think of anything else....hehehe...  Only after they left I googled her & then I remembered that I had seen her in one of the articles I read almost 2 months back when I was gathering information about craftsvilla prior to joining them) and the CNBC team came to my house on Monday & they shot the sequence in my drawing room where I have setup my little crafting corner... 

I have to thank everyone from the CNBC team, Monica & whole craftsvilla team for giving me this huge opportunity and being so friendly and trying to make me feel comfortable to face the camera..... (Of-course I was still nervous but still it helped me.... ) 

Now that I have shared the good news with you all... I can share my Craft space as well.... As I told they were going to shoot at the place where I work... I had to tidy it up... So I thought of taking some pictures as well.... So here is my little Crafting Corner.... 

This table is actually a Dining table but now it serves the purpose om my craft table... hehehe..

A close-up view of the table... The jute basket next to my Paper Cutter has some of my most used tools like my handmade quilling tool, some small scissors, tweezers, mechanical pencil, eraser etc. The blue heart basket below the shelf has my corner rounder punch, pin cushion, brads, eyelets, quilling board etc.... I have some poster & acrylic paints in a pink basket below the shelf... There is also a new pack of crepe paper I recently got from itsybitsy, 1 box full of different colours of craft glitter, pack of water colours & a hole punch.

The red basket contains my decorative scissors,  packs of big bell clips in 2 sizes and my little paper crimper is kept next to the red basket, the bottles are glossy & matt sealent, crackle medium & fabric glue.I keep my small pink paper shredder on this shelf itself so that whenever I want to make new strips of quilling paper I can reach it easily...

These are decorated jam and honey bottles used as pen-stands... I use them to keep my embossing tools, Glitter pens, fine tip sketch pens & brushes. The black wire-mesh pen-stand holds general tools like pen, pencil ruler, etc. The cute little green froggy is a pencil sharpener (it was a return gift I got from my little cousin's birthday party .... isn't he cute...  :)  )

This is my Paper Cutter & I mostly work on it as its easy to remove any adhesive or colour stains from a metal surface and I don't want to ruin my tablecloth.... hehehe... I keep my rhinestones, beads, pearls etc... sorted & stored in these pill boxes... it makes choosing the perfect bling for any project so easy and accessible... these boxes stack on each other so nicely & take very little space. Each box has 21 compartments... each with a seperate lid....  

Here are my quilling strips cut with my mini paper shredder.... stored neatly in a upcycled shoe box.... :)  (The yellow stripes on orange are quilling strips....hehehe) I love the bright colour of the box and it makes the place so bright & cheerful....  :)

 I keep my ribbons, laces & baker's twine in the top box. The middle box contains some paper punches, & the last box contains envelop packs & blank cards...

This Basket on top of the boxes contains some of my recent finished projects, packed & ready.... & my hot glue gun...

 My embossing pad in on the top, below that I keep my perforating grids and mat. Below that is my Staedtler watercolour pencil pack, The next box contains some more pearls, beads & blings of bigger size.The bottom box contains my scrap papers. 

I keep some extra quilled pieces & punch craft flowers in this box. 

 This expanding file contains my card stock  (sorted by colour family) and some papermania paper pads.

This is again a upcycled box which is used to keep my A3 size card stock and 12x12" patterned papers.

Most of these boxes contain my finished products like cards, bookmarks, fridge magnets, gift boxes etc.... And here is a sneak-peek of the items for my 1st giveaway in one of the boxes... ;) Can you guess which box....????

 The topmost box contains my stamps and few stanp pads....  the box below it has some patterned paper pads of smaller size.... below that are some of the unfinished projects and finished cards bookmarks etc....  The biggest box contains my A4 size card stock.

So now you all know where I work and keep all my stuff.... As you can see I keep all my stuff in clear plastic boxes.... so that I don't have to open every box to search for things I need.... I use similar small boxes with my stickers  (as shown in 8th image from the top the one with blue basket) for packing orders to be sent to my customers...

Thanks for visiting and  reading this huge post till the end... And thanks to all my friends and followers for encouraging & supporting me...   Love you all... :)


  1. That's a great achivement to come on national TV Nupur!! Do let us know when is the telecast. And your craft space looks so perfect. So neat and nicely arranged in boxes.

  2. great to be on national tv.i love how you arranged your stuff,and oh god how much stuff you have .....i m jealous "sorry"

  3. wow this is a great moment for you.. good that you are making all women and crafters proud !! Congrats

  4. Wow! This will be vry proud moment for u.......I like ur things so much.......

  5. Its so good to hear that one of our fellow crafter got featured on national TV.. i think its a proud moment for all of the paper crafters.. Finally our craft is getting some recognition.. Love the way you have arranged even the tiny bits n pieces..


  6. Congratulations Nupur for such a big achievement and a proud moment to enjoy. Wish you many more success. Keep going and the world is urs.

  7. Congrats!!!!!
    wow you are really organized, love the set up you have!. I work at my dining room table to but its in the kitchen,lol!!!!

  8. WOW A big congrats-- your work is so perfect you deserve it and my god---- the craft stuff and the way you have organized it is amazing!!!!


  9. WOW A big congrats-- your work is so perfect you deserve it and my god---- the craft stuff and the way you have organized it is amazing!!!!


  10. Congrats dear Nupur. Big achievement . And such a big craft corner.. wow.. Amazing.

  11. Firstly hearty Congratulations...
    The crafts corner u have created is a dream world in itself.It a dream come true for all the crafter.You are such an inspiration and an encouragement.I feel soo pleased after seeing your photos.Thanks

  12. OMG!!! Your neatness and organizational skills are mind blowing!! I guess I have a lesson or two..or maybe many to learn from you!!
    Love how fabulously your projects are packed!! super super!! This post is like my eye going to keep returning back just to stare at it! :)

  13. And heartiest Congratulations on making it where everyone of us dreams to reach! Wishing you plenty more success along the way!

  14. Thanks Indira, Megha, Ayesha, Puja, Priya, Bhawana, Paula, Dr. Sonia, Jyoti, Shalaka, & Tejal....
    I'm overwhelmed by all your wishes & encouragement..... Thanks a lot again... :)

  15. Hi nupur..Congratulations on this tell the date n time of show telecast..n about your orgnaizer, i must say everything is sp well organized..looks so neat n clean..i liked it very much !!

  16. Hi Nupur,
    Really wonderful work.
    I have just started Quilling (i now wonder why I didn't get into arts from begining).
    Art really inspires and makes me happy.
    I am really amzed at your work. Wish can do omething like this one day.
    Hey if you ready for any tutorials, please mail me on I shall be more than pleased to be your student and leanr all this.
    Thanks and All the best for many more such wonderful achivements.

  17. Hi Nupur! I am amazed by how neatly and well arranged your entire workspace looks! Love your posts! Congrats for your wonderful achievement! :)

  18. Hello Nupur, Congratzz on ur achievements!! and loved ur craft corner and ..everythng was so well organised and kept so perfectly!! too good. :)



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