Thursday, 19 January 2012

Birthday Surprise for my Lil Sister - Chocolates...

Hi Everyone...  

Today I will share some pix of the little surprise I planned for my baby sister's birthday...:D  (Actually she is doing her PG in fashion designing from Pearl but for me she will always be my little baby sister ) And today she got the courier and when she opened her gift she loved everything and  was soooooooo happy.... it made my day....  :D

I had packed 5 gifts and a card individually and then put all of them in a big container and then gift wrapped it (I was in a hurry to pack and courier as I had only 45 minutes before the closing time of DTDC office so that's why I had no time to photograph the final package after gift wrapping.) 

I will show you some of the gifts in 3 different posts as there are many photographs... This is the 1st part and you can find the 2nd part here and 3rd part here.

So here goes .... Assorted Homemade Chocolates.... She loves homemade dark chocolates filled with dry fruits... So I sent her a box full of these dark sinful delights....  :)

Stay tuned for the next post.... :)


  1. How sweet and yummy looking!!!!
    you must be close!!!

  2. Thanx Paula... yup we are very close... :)

  3. awwww....thank you!!! I am eating them as I write....they are yummmmm!!!! Cadbury & Nestle should take lessons from you! :*

  4. You are alwayzzzzzzzzzz welcome my sweetooo baby... :)
    And Thank you ... muaah... :)

  5. these look yum....wish I had a sister like u..esp. with these awesome skills :)

  6. hey nupur... ur chocolates look amazing... i love the finish... I am sure they taste great too... what compound do u use??? and do u do the white piping with a piping bag???

  7. Thanx Jovi... I usually use dark chocolate ... sometimes I mix it with a little bit of semi-sweet chocolate... and I use a piping bag filled with white melted chocolate to decorate them... :)

  8. Wish I had a sister like you... hee hee :D

    You are totally amazing :)


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