Friday, 20 January 2012

Birthday Surprise for my Lil Sister - Explosion Box...

Hi Everyone....

This post is the 3rd part of the little birthday surprise I planned for my little sister. You can find the 1st part here and 2nd part here

So continuing with the gifts.... In this post I will show you the explosion box I made for her...
The box is made with mount-board as I wanted it to be strong enough to withstand the rough handling of the courier company people... I cut out all the sides individually and then attached them with broad cellotape. Then I covered it with dark purple CS. Then it was decorated with border punch cutouts, laces, ribbons & quilled pieces. 

Inside of the Explosion Box...

I used mount board to make the cake base and then covered it with cold porcelain to give it a fondant effect. Then the cake was decorated with quilling, green ribbon and pearl white 3D outliner. I used acrylic paint to write the sentiment. 

I used OHP sheet covered in glue on both sides and dipped in purple glitter to write 22. The butterflies are made with butterfly punches and then the silver glitter is glued onto them. I slightly embossed the wings to give them a 3D look.

For the tiny gifts I recycled some eyedrop packages cut to appropriate size and then wrapped with  pearl and texture papers and then tied with ribbon. 

She loved all the gifts but this was her favorite as she said that this was very unique and totally unexpected...  :D She was so excited that when she went to her friends party yesterday she took everything with her to show them to all of her  friends... :D  

Supplies Used :
Tissue Tape


  1. u make ballons stand?

  2. Thanx Neha... I used OHP sheet cut into strips and then glued to the balloons to make the balloons stand.. :)

  3. this is absolutely amazing i love everything about this explosion box such neat quilling and fab ideas the small detailing you have i said simply amazing:)

  4. Hi Nupur,
    I m a new follower to you blog...and i love your explosion box..I love everything about the box..very neat and small detailing you have done..awesome job...
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  5. Nupur, you absolutely ROCK! This is SUCH a pretty box and I am sure your sister will loooooooooove it! Wonderful!

  6. This is so neat and soo so awesome..You've totally inspired me to give this a go..I can't quill so will leave out those elements...but what is cold porcelain? (might sound dhuh but I'm really clueless!!)
    Totally faaab!!! Can i have one for my birthday too? ;D
    Thanks for sharing this....

  7. WOW WOW WOW-- this is I think the most gorgeous explosion box I have seen-- more so because of all the love you have obviously put into it!

  8. Nupur,

    This is absolutely incredible.
    I'll bet your sister's friend was green with envy seeing the wonderful gift you made.

    Just love it!

  9. gorgeous box, love all the items inside, awesome works !!!!

  10. Thanx Hussena,Priyanka, Pritesh, Tejal, Dr. Sonia, Teddie and Paula...

    @ Priyanka... welcome to my blog.. :)
    @ Tejal... cold porcelain is a type of homemade air-dry clay... here is a link to youtube video of its recipe I hope that helps... :)

  11. This is amazing... SO neaat...... n so colorful.. I'm sure she loved it.. Actually came to ur blog frm her's only.. :P

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  12. Hi, came to your blog from StyleFashionEtc. Your work is very beautiful.

  13. Hello,
    With all my pleasure here is my Liebster blog award for you!

  14. Thanx Akanksha, Bharti and Vilma... :)

  15. I could swear that the cake is real! So So beautiful and creative!! I love it!

  16. Beautiful inside and out. Love the porcelain cake the "floating" balloons.


  17. this is so amazing!!! would u take an order for this one???

  18. Thanx Jani and Jovi....
    @ Jovi... ya I take order... :)
    If you want then you can mail me your requirement at ... :)

  19. Nupur, this is absolutely mind boggling!! Such an original idea!! I totally loved it. All the elements, the gifts, the balloons, and esp the cake is awesome. The cake looks so original. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Happened to blog hop and totally loved the explosion box! I am a big fan of these boxes myself! and totally loved ur ides.... i had once tried OHP sheets but then it didnt work... i guess i used the wrong glue.... u inspired me to try this again!

  21. This is simply amazing. I have seen your other works too and loved them all... but this takes a cake (pun intended!) :D
    Simply love this one! :)

  22. Hi, I would like to buy this type of exlposion box for my wife's birthday. Please help where do i get. mail me Thanks in advance...


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