Monday, 21 May 2012

Flower & Butterflies

Hello ....
This week Moxie Fab World had amazing Tuesday trigger inspirational pic... I loved the colours in the pic .....very bright & lively... (This is my first time at playing the Tuesday trigger... ) 

My scrap paper pile was getting bigger & bigger.... so finally I thought of making the cards using those scraps... 
I also have some handmade flowers sitting in a box for a long time....waiting to be used... This beautiful pink flower was there for more than 2 months.... This was the first flower I made using my homemade glimmer mist... :) But somehow I never got to use it in any of my projects... & when I saw the inspiration pic at Moxie Fab World I instantly knew this flower will be perfect....

I started building my card around the flower with the colours from the inspiration pic... & this is what I came up with... All the papers are from my scrap paper box... :) 
The size of the flower is very large as compared to my previous ones (I used the same type flowers in smaller size for the Garden Explosion Box I made for my mother)....& the punched out leaves were looking very small so I cut the leaves with scissors & then the veins were made with the help of tweezers... 

The butterflies are punched out in 2 sizes & a rhinestone is added to the body... The dots are made with Pearl White 3D outliner  from hobby ideas... & the Border is cut with decorative scissors.

The card & the envelope together.... 

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Moxie Fab World - Tuesday Trigger, Bright Bite


  1. Its beautiful. Nupur is there any specific way of using decorative scissors??? I never ever able to cut so smoothly..... either scissors are not that sharp or I am missing something

  2. Thanx Bhawana... I use the decorative scissors just like I use normal scissors... The only difference is that you cannot snip the paper till the tip of the scissors... you have to match the pattern while cutting..

  3. lovely card. Nupur I tried using tiled punch the way you demonstrated and it really works!! Thanks for the tip!!!

  4. wow Nupur... beautiful , colorful card..

  5. Everytime I look at your creations, it make me very happy. The cheerful colours say it all. Thank you for sharing. It's an important motivation for me every morning before I start work.


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