Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Tile Punch Alignment Tutorial

Hello everyone... 
I have made quite some cards with this tile punch... & I absolutely love the effect it creates... 
You can view my previous card here, herehere, & here ..
After I posted few card with the tile punch I got a lot of queries regarding its aligning ... 
So I thought of making a small tutorial rather than replying each one individually...moreover it is a very simple trick but  it would be a bit difficult to explain without some visual aid... 
The images are self explanatory but still I will add some explanation with them...

Things you will need - Cardstock, tile punch, Pencil & ruler.

Start by punching the first tile.

Now slide the punch on one side & the align it with the top point of the small square.. or any other design part of the punched out shape... this step will decide how much gap is left between 2 punched out tiles... This step takes some trial & error... but its easy once you figure out what works for your punch design. & always push the  cardstock  till the very end of punch slot on both sides to keep the punching in straight line.

 Repeat the above step till you get the length you want.

 Now to punch on the adjoining side in a L  shape measure the distance between the start of the punch & edge of  cardstock  ... here it is 1cm.

 Now mark the same distance as shown in the image .. do this on the other side of the cardstock & trim off the excess cardstock.

Now repeat the second step & punch...

Cardstock after 2 more punches..

Keep repeating the above steps to get a border all round the page.

Here is the final card I made with the punched cardstock.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial....If you still have some doubts feel free to ask me... :)


  1. Wonderful Nupur. I just sat down with my window punch and was doing this the hard way (figuring the distances etc out). Your post made my life easy :)

  2. Thanx Pritesh.... good to know that I was able to help you... :) Coz you have helped me and so many other quillers time & again... :)

  3. Thank you so much for this tutorial, Nupur! You've explained this really well.

  4. Thank you so much for the tutorial Nupur you have explained this so well...i have this same punch with me and have not been able to use it as much...but your tutorial really helps!!!

  5. Thanks a lot for the tute Nupur! Will try it out for sure.

  6. Such an awesome tutorial--now you have tempted me to buy the tile punch-- so far never been attracted to it but your tutorial is wonderful just the way I like it with lots of clear crisp step by step photos.

  7. I love the way the border turned out! It looks very pretty.

  8. Thanks for the tutorial...In a way it tempts to give a try!!!!

  9. Thanks everyone for the encouragement ...glad that i could help you :)

  10. Lovely effect it gives to the card ,thanks for sharing.

  11. Very beautiful! Thanks for tutorial!
    (I have a punch like this too :))


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