Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Gift Boxes

Hello ...
This is my second post of the day... go here for the first post...
I have made some gift boxes with belly band.... I have attached a white tag on the belly band to write greeting etc. The inside of the box is also decorated with flowers & pearls on one side...  & on the other side there is a ribbon loop & bow which can be used to hold the money or a small gift like lipstick etc...

I got the idea of making a gift box  with ribbon loop for money from the net long time back... The lady makes beautiful boxes & punch craft flowers ...{The web page is in Russian so I don't understand it fully even after translating so I don't know her name..   :(  }

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  1. Awesome ideas,and beautiful neat work.liked it a lot.

  2. wow..this is so beautiful..I love this idea..will try this one soon !

  3. Its such an awesome idea Nupur!

  4. Very cute!
    Happy Mothers Day!

  5. Nupur they looks great... where can I get the template for such boxes... any poinetrs?


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