Thursday, 5 January 2012

First Card of 2012...

Hi everyone...
I am back with a new card with new ribbon technique [new for me... :) ] You can see the tutorial for ruffled up ribbon here. I have tried it for the first time and I love it...

Supplies Used :
Tissue Tape

Thank you for visiting my blog...   :)


  1. Very pretty, I like the colors. So bright and cheery.

  2. wow this is so beautiful...such striking colors and absolutely lovely quilling:)

  3. How beautiful! Love what you did with the ribbon!
    Antonella :-)

  4. Thanx Pritesh, Teddie, Hussena, Dr. Sonia and Antonella... :)

  5. Nupur, I like this large flower! Could you expalin the process how to make it?

  6. Thanx Катя-Kate... This flower is called Royal Flower. Here is a link to the tutorial Hopefully that will help you... :)

  7. Lovely color combo Nupur!! And I like the ruffled up ribbon. Can you show us how to do it? Also what glue do you use to stick ribbons on the card. You know I made the same purple quilled flower you've added on the circle. Am yet to use it :)

  8. Thanx Indira.... I saw the Ruffled up ribbon tutorial on youtube... Here is the link...

    I hope this will help you... :)

  9. Hey Nupur,
    Lovely card..
    I know you recieving many posts from me in one day.
    Superb colors used.
    Btw how did you make these curvy paper strips.. Also the ulti thin leaves.. Please share the link, if there is any? They are beauty.
    Also which glue do you use.. It doesn't show up at all?
    Please share....
    Thanks and keep posting

  10. The quilled design is so gorgeous! but seriously, I am amazed at how you made those petals! it must have taken you forever!


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