Monday, 26 March 2012

Some More Quilled Bookmarks

Finally everything has settled down.....everything is again calm.... the chaos is over (atleast for the time being).... and I can finally go back to living my life as I want.... and do what I want and love....

I have done some crafting in the past few weeks and have a lot to share.... I have so much pending things to take care of.... In the next few days I will share some projects I was working on.... 

First a good news.... I got a new Paper Shredder...... YAY  ^___^ 
I used to cut most of my paper strips for quilling with a paper trimmer.... which was soooooooooooooo time consuming..... and tiring... Few days back I went shopping for my craft supplies and found a mini paper shredder... :)
I was so happy and excited that when I got home I started shredding paper and making quilling strips of beautiful and yummy colours.... :) it was so much fun... I can make hundreds of strips in a matter of few minutes....and all the strips are even (3mm).. I don't have to waste time measuring, marking and then cutting each and every strip of paper... and I can now devote all that extra time I saved to crafting... ^__^ However the edges of the strips are a little rough but I don't have a problem with that... :) 

So, here are some of the Bookmarks I made with Shredded paper strips (first 5 photographs)... :)    After I made the bookmarks I applied a coat of clear gloss varnish to hold their shape... give them some strength and to make them waterproof. 

Supplies Used :
Jumbo Paper Clips
Hot Glue Gun

Saturday, 10 March 2012

New Set of Floral Bookmarks

Hi Everyone...
I'm soooo busy these days due to the renovation work going on in my hubby's clinic.... and I had to design his new clinic's logo, visiting card, prescription pad, bill, board etc. and it took a lot of time.... The renovation work will take another few days....  I rarely get time for crafting these days.... and even less time for photo-shoot and editing of pix and then creating a blog post....

But still yesterday I managed to click some photographs of some of the bookmarks I recently created. They will go on sale in my shop on in a few days ... when I get some time to upload them there. They are available for sale in my shop on .

And now I have to share 1 more thing with you all.....

As I mentioned before that I opened my new Online store on and I also sold some cards within a few days....   ^__^   I am so excited and overjoyed by this.... So I thought of sharing my happiness with you all..... So I thought of  having a BLOG CANDY....... The planning is still going on so stay tuned for further details..... I will announce the details in a few days after all the renovation work is over and I get some time to relax and plan everything....   :)

Supplies Used :
Jumbo Paper Clips
Hot Glue Gun

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Happy HOLI to all of you...... :)

May God gift you all the colors of life, colors of joy, colors of happiness, colors of friendship, colors of love and all other colors you want to paint in your life. Happy Holi .... :)